About Us


Who We Are

Our family is made up of nine members, Karla, Victor, our four kids, Max our pig, Bella our dog, and Tiger our cat. We've lived in the state of New Mexico for the past eight years. We became vegan in July 2015 and have since become full-time activists, advocating for more compassionate choices towards the animals and the planet. Our mission with Camp V is to provide children of all backgrounds with the opportunity to enjoy all the fun activities of a typical summer camp without using animal products. 


Join Flowers For Animals at Camp V!

Our children are also advocates for animals and help us with all our projects. The idea for Camp V began with them and they are actively involved in its planning process. They are thrilled to get to meet the other children, share their experiences as an activist family, and have a fun-filled time with everyone at the camp! 

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Our Inspiration

The main inspiration for Camp V are our children! 

Camp V was created to fill the need for a compassionate and safe environment where children can just be themselves without having to explain their choices in a world where using animal products is considered the norm. It is also an opportunity for others to learn that it is totally possible and easy to follow this lifestyle as a family! Families don't need to be vegan or vegetarian to join Camp V, we will meet you where you are at!

*Images taken at Santuario de Karuna